Changes to Invoice frequency

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Your September 2017 newsletter carried the following notice:

“Currently each irrigation scheme customer is invoiced three times annually (September, January and May). The majority of invoices are for less than $150 including GST. Your Directors will be giving consideration to reducing the number of times we invoice you each year. Your feedback on this is welcomed”.

 From over 1,500 connections a total of seven feedback responses were received. Four were in favour of reducing the number of invoices per year and three preferred to retain the ability to make smaller more frequent payments.

The decision has been made to reduce the number of times you are invoiced to a maximum of two per financial year.

If you currently make regular payments by direct credit to our bank account you are welcome to continue to do so. If paying a larger amount is likely to cause you any financial issues do not hesitate to contact the office to arrange a payment plan to suit.

This is the last time you will receive a Kerikeri Irrigation Co invoice in January for payment 20th February 2018. Your next invoice will be at 31 May 2018 to complete this financial year.

For the 2018/19 financial year you will be invoiced in September as usual, but it will be for 100% of your annual fixed charges. This will be due for payment on the 20th October 2018.

Commercial connections will be issued a second invoice in May 2019 for actual water used as per normal, Non-commercial connections will only be issued an invoice in May 2019 if they have exceeded their annual allocation.

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